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From a Houston energy center base, David A. Portz PC (PortzPC) provides individuals and nationally scoped business clients with sophisticated legal risk management and high quality business counsel. PortzPC combines (i) the dedication of the best in-house attorneys, aware of your particular business context and pertinent specifics, with (ii) a larger sense of the marketplace’s practices and (iii) the professionalism and product expected of top outside legal counsel. The result is an accessible, responsive lawyer focused on your business’ crucial issues and obstacles – a lawyer for the long term, and mindful of your budgets. PortzPC’s simple, solo approach and up-to-date technology deliver exceptional value – forgoing layers of lawyers and distortive overhead. In the niches of energy commodities transactions and entrepreneurial businesses, PortzPC is unique - bringing engineering and corporate backgrounds, superb verbal skills, top legal training and law firm plus industry experience, to deliver effective solutions. PortzPC helps grow the business.